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23-Sep-2019 12:41

It said: ‘All the children knew about safety around the pool and we watched Alfie telling one of the other children about the dangers of going near the pool.

‘He took her hand and led her away and we were all proud of how grown up he was.’ A verdict of accidental death was recorded, with drowning as the medical cause of death.

Pan also was a pretty "horny" guy himself and was said to have had sex with hundreds of human women.

During the four centuries before the birth of Christ and even later, the Pan cult flourished.

Interestingly, the Greeks never associated these gods with evil.

However, their rampant sexuality was taken for granted. Pan and friends were direct descendants of the goat gods of ancient Egypt.

One of his shoes was then discovered by the pool and they continued searching until they spotted him and his dad, Aaron Gray, pulled him out.

Like all such images, this "picture" didn't come out of nowhere.The youngster, from Crawley, West Sussex, was found unconscious under the waterfall at the end of a pool which wasn’t being watched by a lifeguard.