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Most startlingly, Hobsbawm gave Stalin the credit for the post war “miracles” experienced in the West.Soviet communism, he argued, had provided its antagonist “with the incentive — fear — to reform itself” and “by establishing the popularity of economic planning, furnished it with some of the procedures for its reform.” In a television interview, Hobsbawm was asked whether, for such an accomplishment to take place, “the loss of fifteen, twenty million people might have been justified? Even in 2002, amid the wealth of emerging detail cataloguing the misery crafted on an industrial scale by regimes behind the Iron Curtain, he was unable fully to turn his back on the ideology that had shaped his life: “The dream of the October Revolution is still there somewhere inside me,” he wrote in his memoir, Interesting Times.Scroll down for their healthy go-to meals and moves!The Most Popular Celebrity Workouts of All Time (Men’s Fitness) Teen Mom Kids Get Guns for Christmas (OK!But though the scope and grasp of detail that pervaded his many beautifully-written books won praise across the political spectrum, there was no getting around the fact that he persisted in defending the record of totalitarian communism long after it ceased to be fashionable or, indeed, defendable.Where many of his comrades left the Communist Party in protest after the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956, for example, Hobsbawm did not.Mark Wahlberg is beating the winter blues by soaking up the sun in Barbados.The Transformers star took his wife, Rhea Durham, and their four children — Ella, 14, Brendan, 9, Grace, 7, and Michael, 11 (not pictured) — for a holiday tropical vacation, and it seems like they have been living it […] Courtesy Demi Lovato/Instagram Mark Wahlberg Looks Shredded on the Beach (Men’s Fitness) Demi Lovato Stuns in Plunging Swimsuit Selfie (OK!

In 1994 he wrote that, on balance, the achievements of the “shining light” of the Bolshevik Revolution and the subsequent dictatorship of Stalin had been positive and wrote of the “far from unimpressive records” of dictators like Honecker and Ceaucescu.

Refusing to give up his party card, he explained that he “did not want to lose that narrow high ground”, and did not want to betray the memory of old comrades – “enormously good people” who had devoted their lives to the “liberation of mankind”.

It was only a little while before the party itself dissolved in 1991 that he let his membership lapse.

I would compare myself to everyone,” Hough, 29, explained in Redbook’s February issue.

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“And later I did a film where I basically was told I […] One part of slimming down really bums out Nikki Bella.Mark Wahlberg showed off his muscular physique in an Instagram video he recently shared.