Error updating parameter databasememory

25-Jun-2020 12:38

If the unadorned ":memory:" name is used to specify the in-memory database, then that database always has a private cache and is this only visible to the database connection that originally opened it.

However, the same in-memory database can be opened by two or more database connections as follows: This allows separate database connections to share the same in-memory database.

The source lists: To link the Fire DAC SQLite driver into the Delphi application, add TFDPhys SQLite Driver Link to a form or to a data module.

To connect to an SQLite database, specify SQLite driver parameters, at least: By default, all SQLite driver settings are set for the high-performance single connection access to a database in a stable environment. Many Fire DAC SQLite driver parameters correspond to the pragmas.

The SQLite is an embedded SQL database engine, developed by SQLite Consortium.

It is the DBMS most widely deployed database in the world with a rough estimate of 500M installations.

The database ceases to exist as soon as the database connection is closed.

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The database is automatically deleted and memory is reclaimed when the last connection to the database closes.

Additionally, SQLite Advanced allows you to specify multiple pragmas separated by ';' as a single connection parameter.

The additional SQLite use cases are: Set Locking Mode to Normal to enable shared DB access. Increase Busy Timeout to raise a lock waiting time. The first two values used for creation differ by the encoding that will be used for the new database.

As a result, the database encoding, page size, and other persistent parameters are not recorded in the database.

To make such parameters persistent, the application should create at least one table.If two or more distinct but shareable in-memory databases are needed in a single process, then the mode=memory query parameter can be used with a URI filename to create a named in-memory database: When an in-memory database is named in this way, it will only share its cache with another connection that uses exactly the same name.