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21-May-2020 04:50

Generally speaking, I was working at that job because I was very enthusiastic about the things I get to do and as well it revolved around a hobby I enjoyed.So whenever I talk to people in general it doesn’t feel like work and it’s great to meet other enthusiasts.I remember one example in my life where there was this girl that met me at a place I was working at.My job was to interact and help customers find products that they were looking for while educating them about it.

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Sure enough, she arrives about 5 minutes before the store closes saying that she was looking for something for her dad.

However, I didn’t specify a date but rather I told her to let me know when she was free one day and I would be open to it. Therefore, in my opinion she was probably just self doubting herself all the time and eventually believing that I just thought she was a disinteresting person.

For my personality type, the ironic thing is while I may be a bit more indirect and mysterious to people when it comes to trying to find out if I like them or not, interestingly enough it is pretty evident if I don’t have any interest at all.

So, while I did give her an alias I gave her an e-mail address as well as I told her I actually check that often. Again, I knew that she wanted me to say ask her out or something.

To give her another hint that I would be open to it, I started to ask her about her personal life such as what school she went to, the type of courses she was taking, etc.Now here was a big clue that I gave as a way of saying “you seem like a cool person and I would be really interested in learning more about you too”. What happened was that she would come back to the store to chat with me again in a semi nervous type of way.