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10-Apr-2020 07:15

But if America turns against ISRAEL (allowing Moslems to destroy them), then GOD WILL BLESS AMERICA!!!

So, according to Shriner if you are jewish or of a dark skinned race you are from satan's serpent seed and of satan's bloodline.

The only place Shriner shows up is in Sherry Shriner's so-called bible codes which she says the codes call herself a prophet but her codes are nothing but a bunch of made up lies from a delusional nazi, shriner, freemason, serpent, alien, fallen angel out to deceive the people. Look at her doctrines straight from the pit of hell.

When she attacks this Ministry and Elisabeth and myself she attacks our character, not the doctrines that are taught.

At first glance she looks so good, she teaches the Sacred Names of YAH and YAHUSHUA.

She teaches the Biblical feast days as well as many other truths, but we need to expose her lies, her lies are dangerous and will lead you to hell if you believe her. Shriner says to throw out all the books in the bible written by Saul-Paul.

It's the easiest thing for Satan to manipulate and he does quite well. But why compete with Him over a language that wants to confuse you in prayer?

I hear Him just fine in prayer and I don't need to speak in tongues. So those who want to hold onto it have to love Paul and will never see the truth about him." As you can see Shriner believes tongues are of satan and curse YAHUVEH.

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Shriner reads the books of Paul from a Greek mindset instead of a Jewish mindset so of course she doesn't understand what Saul-Paul is teaching.

Everyone in this lineage has satan's genes and is of satan's bloodline. The Doctrine of The Serpent Seedline ("SS" Doctrine) was responsible for the Holocaust and the death of six million jews, World War II and the loss of millions of more lives.

She teaches Saul-Paul of the bible is of satans bloodline. What is really sad about this false doctrine is that some people actually believe it. The Doctrine of The Serpent Seedline was the core belief and motivation of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi "SS".

Saul-Paul never negated any of YAHUSHUA's teachings or any of the commanded Holy Days.

Saul-Paul was Torah observant contrary to which Shriner teaches. "All I know is what the Lord has told me about tongues and my own experience with them. I always gave it the benefit of a doubt because I know many people who do and I know their hearts are for the Lord.Sherry Shriner also promotes The Neo Nazi and Aryan Nations belief that the "white, anglo saxon races" (of England, Germany, France, etc) is the true ISRAEL, the true Chosen race of GOD.