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18-Jun-2020 07:34

The list will appear of those that have not registered to Chat Game.

You can choose anyone from your list to invite them by clicking on their name and pressing the "Invite" button to send an SMS invitation to your friends. Scan QR Code: Click "Scan QR Code" allow you to scan the other person Chat Game QR code and add them to your friend's list.

Click the pencil icon beside it to modify their nicknames, after editing it, click on the pencil icon again to save it.

Click "Back" to the main screen to see if you have modified it successfully.

For Android users: Go to privacy or notification settings according to your phone model.

While you are conducting a video call with your friends, you can blow air at your phone screen to create colorful bubbles.

Make sure you have this enable first and then click the Chat Game icon on the Main Screen's bottom left corner to open up the beautification screen.

Here you can adjust the effect, brightness, skin smoothening and face slimming.

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Their name will appear on your radar, click on their icon to "Add Contact" and this will send them a friend request to accept. Use Friendship Code: Both users must input the same 4 numbers in the Friendship Code field.You can also pop the bubbles to compete against your friends to get the high score.While conduct a video call with your friend, click "Game" icon on the left upper corner of the screen. If one of the player missed 3 bubbles, the game will end.The result will appear, click "Add" button to add them as your friend.‬ 4.

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Invite Contacts: In the main screen, click on " " upper right corner and then click "Contacts".Chat Game is a free app that uses network data to call, including 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. If you use it under 3G or 4G network, a fee may be charged by your service provider according to your data plan.

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