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Public opinion was also critical of the sex trade linking it with juvenile delinquency.In 1932, Tijani Omoyele, a musician released an album, Asewo/ Omo j aguda (prostitutes are thieves or criminals).After the onset of World War II, British officials became apprehensive about any link between high venereal disease rates in West African Frontier Force soldiers and promiscuous sexual affairs with prostitutes.During this period, forced prostitution of teenagers was becoming common.In addition, prostitutes who loiter on the street and make advances towards tourists were arrested by the anti-vice squad.In 1942, a hostel was built to rehabilitate child prostitutes in Lagos and a year later, the Children and Young Persons Ordinance was passed prohibiting child prostitution.In the 1980s, brothels began to spring up in the cities and prostitutes who move into the city were charged daily rent for accommodation.The 1980s also contributed to the beginning of call-ups or part-time prostitution by young graduates and students.

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The combination of the fear of venereal diseases, child prostitution and controlling juvenile delinquency created a new impetus to prohibit prostitution.

The law required tour guards to obtain license guards in order to perform their work.

The law targeted both young delinquents who were considered the pimps and the prostitutes.

The law was implemented discretionarily by the government and commercial sex work was tolerated as long it did not lead to public nuisance.

However, in a country steeped with a religious and traditional moralist sentiments, sex work was not tolerated by some women in the community.

Starting in the mid-1980s, trafficking of Women to European countries such as Italy began to gain traction.