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· But wait: Phase 2 boasts “eight separate clinical trials”.I could find one properly published, in the Alternative Medicine Review.And the grandiose nutritionism-peddling columnists from Sunday magazines, even if they do recommend you eat some particular nut because it contains lots of vitamin G and selenium, are still basically recommending fruit and veg. It’s a great idea: an amylase inhibitor that stops your body breaking down carbohydrates, so you can’t absorb them and you presumably poo them out. We eat plants and then break down their carbohydrates, release their energy for our own dubious purposes and breathe out carbon dioxide.Everyone knows basic dietary advice, and they don’t need a nutritionist, doctor, alternative therapist or journalist, to tell them. · But the trouble is this: nutritionists and their kin sell the idea that diet is somehow more complicated than that; something that requires access to arcane and detailed knowledge to which only they have access; knowledge of the breakdown of exactly what is in each food. There are two isotopes of carbon: carbon-13 and carbon-12.Every week in Bad Science we either victimise some barking pseudoscientific quack, or a big science story in a national newspaper.

To measure carbon-13 against carbon-12 you need a mass spectrometer: the joy of being a scientist is that you might have a friend who has one lying around on the day you feel like causing some trouble.

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One in 20 is the traditional cut-off for people to take a finding seriously.

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And regardless of statistical significance, I leave it to you to decide if a difference of 2lb has any practical significance. Ben Goldacre Thursday November 25, 2004 The Guardian · Come with me as we pull back the veils, and examine the bizarre world of the nutrient marketing industry: I give you Nutraingredients, one of the many trade publications that feed the vitamin headlines.

They gave five obese women starch meals containing lots of carbon-13, along with a placebo tablet, or Starchex, the amylase inhibitor tablet of the day. Placebo or amylase inhibitor, it made no difference, they still breathed out the same amount of carbon-13; they also had the same blood sugar changes and insulin levels after their meals.

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