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Bad language, graphic violent and sexual imagery, non-consensual sex. Distribution: Sure, take what you want Feedback: [email protected] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buffy The Vampire Slayer: To Those Who Wait by Gool Captain It wasn't heaven. "You're not alone, Buff," she continued with difficulty, "You're never alone. Dawn looked away bashfully, as if ashamed of her virginity but Buffy broke away from Willow's nipple and kissed her sister, revelling in the lingering taste of her own juices in Dawn's pert, gentle mouth. I love you all." The words came more easily than she ever could have imagined. Hardest part was getting access to the bathroom for some privacy in a house full of teenage girls. They were sitting around the breakfast table when she walked up to Xander and handed him the gun. The rest of the Scoobies and SIT's stood behind them, some taking pictures.

Please note, Dawn is 16/17/18 whatever your age of consent where you are, she's it. Her free hand worked its' way around Willow's firm buttocks, tracing lazy patterns there. Xander entered her and she wrapped her arms around his broad muscular shoulders, hugging him to her tightly, spreading her legs apart as far as they would go. They'd stripped it of anything that she could use on herself, even nail scissors. It was still there, hidden down the back of the bath, wrapped in a towel. It began to squeeze backwards with an alarming ease that panicked her slightly. Now she couldn't even pull this one little trigger in over an hour. Wide-eyed he dumped the magazine and pumped the round from the chamber. The world felt all the things she didn't want to feel, that she fought against feeling. "The UN's going to give us endless crap over this" opinioned Graham observing through binoculars. "We can always sell it as a terrorist attack." * * * "They bought the earthquake story," Riley announced putting his mobile phone away, "Useful to know if we ever want to resume covert underground nuclear tests." Buffy looked at him wryly. Your identities must remain secret," Anya cautioned as Dawn laughed, even Faith smiling. " Spike roared launching himself at Angel and passsing straight through.

Disclaimer: All these characters belong exclusively to the producers and creators of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What was it Catholics called the place where they sent you if you committed suicide? She lapsed back and looked despondently at the ceiling. Her fingers worked their way under Buffy's body, exploring the length of her spine and straying between the shapely cheeks of her ass, titillating the sensitive flesh she found there with her sharp nails, causing Buffy to writhe and buck in a manner which only heightened her arousal from Xander and Dawn's activities. Willow silenced Buffy's cries of pleasure by the simple expedient of sticking her breast in her mouth, murmuring in delight as Buffy sucked with gusto and Xander groped her other nipple whilst subtly kissing the nape of her neck. Stay here with us" chorused Dawn breaking away from Buffy's clitoris and climbing up her body. "I think you may have messed up the spell," Wes observed.

This is purely for fun with no profit motive whatsoever. Adult material including group sex both male/female and female/female and Buffy/Dawn. She took pleasure in pinching the ripe flesh of Buffy's ass cheeks. Buffy let her hand gently explore her sister, groping her breasts with abandon before snaking it's way to her cunny, feeling the soft, wet, tightness there and generating a wince as her nails brushed against her maidenhead. "Thanks for the loan, Riley," Buffy commented from minimum safe distance as Sunnydale collapsed in on itself.

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I fucked her so hard that the couch creaked and threatened to cave in.

I made her drop to her knees and unleashed my gargantuan meat sword, making her withdraw in awe, shock and wonder!

She was afraid it would not fit inside her little pussy and that I would break her!

I made her worship my dick, and after sucking my rod and licking my balls, she was willing to see if my monster erection fitted inside her tight teen pussy!

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I spread her long sexy legs and started off slow, gently penetrating her and sliding in, inch by inch. I could barely make it halfway inside her pussy funnel, and my dick was well lubed up with her drool after she had blown me!

She really likes the huge cock – her expressions show that.

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