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Pushing her knees wide apart, I bent and wrapped my lips about the limp, circumcised cock, working the bulbous head with enthusiasm, my tongue circling the shaft and teasing the hole at the tip.My fingers searched for balls, but found only pussy, the delicate folds of her labia dry to the touch.I selected a chair that faced the receptionist, and as I sat I gave her a glimpse of what was - and what wasn't - beneath my skirt as I crossed my legs. A young man, about thirty, not unattractive but definitely an academic by his manner and grooming, emerged from a door and strode over to me. My word on it." He nodded after a moment, then unlocked and opened the door. There was no window, but there were two doors opposite the entrance. And don't worry about damaging her - if you do, better that it happens here than in a customer's home." "Okay," I said again. "Well, ah, have fun." With that, he slipped out of the room, closing the door behind him.With a grin somewhere between shy and embarrassed he held out his hand for me to shake. "Welcome to my parlour, Miss X-." "Please just call me 'Ali'." I stepped through the doors into a workshop full of computers and tools and other equipment that I have no names for. So far I had yet to see anything that seemed even remotely sexual, not even a calendar of topless girls. "Everything will be recorded." He pointed out all the cameras and other sensors that lined the room. Alone, I undressed and placed my clothes neatly in one corner.

But synthetic or not, the cock in my mouth felt like a real cock, hot and urgent, long and thick, and it reignited the cooling fire of my lust. The familiar salty taste of precum filled my mouth, and as my fingers returned to explore her pussy, they found her labia soaked with warm, smooth lubricant that I swirled about a thick, prominent clit that had not been there before.

The futabot was most definitely aroused, her nipples hard and swollen and jutting out magnificently. Even with the head nudging against my throat, most of the shaft was exposed.

I worked it with my spare hand, the other continuing its exploration of the futabot's very realistic pussy.

And although it was a cool Saturday morning, the temperature dropped as I threaded my way through the revolving doors and made my way tentatively to the reception. Laughing nervously, he said, "Yes." Suddenly aware that the receptionist was watching us closely, and quite overtly too, his voice dropped to a whisper.

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"Hi," I said to the receptionist, a cute, blonde lassie with perfect skin and a dark suit that accentuated her slender frame. "Perhaps I should just show you." "Mmm..." I said, as if he had just said something deeply erotic. She flinched away, pretending to be busy with something but blushing furiously.

Corporal Punishment/Percussion Play, Cross Dressing, Feminization, Foot/Shoe Worship, Financial Domination, Sissy/Slave training.

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