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14-Jul-2020 16:30

Jim Gibbons as co-chair of (Continue reading…) CARSON CITY – Nevada Supreme Court Justice James Hardesty said today that the country will not have success in reducing the tragic type of shooting incident that occurred Friday in Connecticut without providing more mental health support.Following is a snapshot of the front page, but you should click through to see the real thing.When we surround ourselves within a community that has, obviously, come a long way, we tend to forget that there’s a lot of stigma and a lot of hate.I mean, isn’t this the city where, a few months ago, a gay couple got the crap beat out of them? The bottom line is this: There are a lot of “straight” men who are physically attracted and who are having sex with other dudes. About two years ago, I met up with an old childhood friend who recently moved downtown.

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As you see in the film clip above, the church seems to believe that the act of homosexuality is a sin: It’s hard for the cast members to even utter the word “gay.” And, yes, there’s the obvious question about the varying degrees of sexuality in all humans: could these men be bisexual?