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23-Feb-2020 09:59

What political and economic factors are at play in each election? Download the free report Whether it is deciding which Latin American country will provide the best operating environment for a logistics business, predicting which cities in China will emerge in the coming years to have the most favourable income levels and socio-demographics for a specific consumer product or assessing distribution channels in Africa for construction equipment, we can help. Where are the sources of revenue and profit going to be for your business tomorrow?

If you need to understand how political trends will affect regulations for your industry in Chile, how disposable income is changing for 30-35-year-old women in Poland or when a frontier market in Sub-Saharan Africa will become mainstream, we can help.

But we also produce bespoke models for other purposes. Our speciality is to understand the intersection between industry developments and the surrounding economic, political and regulatory context.

If you need to understand how a country or industry will respond to an event like a currency crash or energy shock, we can model that too. Our team has expertise in financial services, telecoms and technology, consumer goods and retail, automotive, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, commodities and energy.

We have even produced rankings of countries' peacefulness for a philanthropic organisation, and benchmarked the security regime that countries apply to their stocks of nuclear material.

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We are able to draw upon the knowledge of a large pool of country and industry experts, as well as proprietary economic and risk models, to help clients identify new markets and perform better in existing ones in a fast-changing world.Unsurprisingly, it is a market where we have exceptional expertise.

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