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15-Apr-2020 18:51

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Investigators at Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center found that HHV-6B is the first DNA virus to reactivate at a median of 3 weeks, compared to CMV, EBV and Adenovirus at 5-6 weeks.HHV-6B also peaked rapidly, unlike other DNA viruses that took 3-6 weeks to reach peak viral load.HHV-6B reactivation resulted in increased mortality after 100 days.British researchers used molecular dating methods to determine that most strains of ici HHV-6 come from a small number of ancient human ancestors; the youngest found lived over 24,000 years ago.The authors suggest reduced immunity may be one reason why past studies have found increased levels of HHV-6 DNA in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients compared to controls.

Virologists led by Serge Barcy, Ph D at the Seattle Children’s Research Institute and University of Washington have identified a homolog for HHV-7 in pigtail macaques They were surprised to learn that it could be detected in the peripheral nerve ganglia, and hope to use their new animal model to explore how HHV-7 might play a role in demyelinating diseases.At 100 days after transplantation, the overall survival rate was just 58.3%, compared with 80.5% for patients who did not develop encephalitis.High-dose antiviral therapy was shown to mitigate high mortality rates in these patients.They also confirmed a previous finding that cytokine CCL2 (MCP-1) plays a role in HHV-6B primary infections.

Both CXCL11 and CCL2 are expressed in several neuroinflammatory conditions including epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease and traumatic brain injury.For example, CMV seropositivity was associated with the equivalent of almost 12 years of chronological age.

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