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20-Oct-2019 11:34

This article will point out all new features of the HTC Desire’s HTC Sense version compared to the previous one on the HTC Hero.

To get a general overview regarding HTC Sense check out my in-depth articles about HTC Sense and HTC Sense widgets.

Luckily HTC didn’t change the app drawer to something like the Nexus One’s 3D drawer, because the kinetic scrolling is much better and faster without the 3D effect.

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HTC introduces a new feature called “Leap View” which will show you an overview of your homescreens so you can easily jump between pages.

HTC Sense Homescreen There isn’t much new to be seen on the HTC Sense homescreen, besides having a better resolution on the HTC Desire it’s pretty much the same as on the HTC Hero.