Ideas for updating paneling

10-Dec-2019 07:46

Well, we've owned the house for 5 days now, have done some major clean up, had a leaky pipe in the basement (less than 24 hours after we bought the place) and held a fun 'Before' Open House over the weekend (thanks so much to everyone that came!! On the exterior, the house has some lovely curb appeal - kind of a classic, don't you think?

And after that whirlwind of activity, I was able to capture some 'before' photos, to let everyone who couldn't attend the Open House see what we've bought.

To create an icy look – spread some white glue in a few places along the branch. Add DIY Holiday Projects where you will find more fast and easy Holiday DIY Decorating ideas that you can make just like these sparkly glitter branches.

You can read all about it – I Love Thrifting Event.

I had things to do and added the second coat about 3 hours later.

I was very happy to see that the first coat was still as white as snow. The label says if you see a stain coming through to wait longer until applying the next coat. He is the musical one in the family so he is happy to see me doing something with this part of the room. Having paid only .90 makes me love it even more!

I loved our deep charcoal gray hallway and it’s strong contrast against the crisp white trim at our last house.

Kilz was recommended and I have been using it ever since.

I keep wondering if we should open it up to the rest of the room??? So a big budget item is to have that properly removed.

Of course the room already has 3 windows, but a little extra light is always nice. But it's kind of cool to have a basement fireplace.

I am keeping my holiday decorating simple this year – Greenery, candles, and shiny ornaments only. Here is the Before picture of how this wall looked. I have never liked anything I have put here, until now.

The mirror fit perfectly above the piano – like it was made for the space. It is funny watching her checking out her reflection.All that white wrapping you see around the heating pipes?