Insecure men and dating

20-Nov-2019 00:54

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Even the most confident guy takes a hit—whether or not they let you know it is another story.

But can you tell when your anxiety gets the best of you, and you're wearing your insecurity like a full-blown billboard?

If you want to hang out, tell me, if you want to have sex, tell me.

If you want a topping on your pizza, you can tell me, but I'm still ordering pepperoni and pineapple; order your own goddamn pizza if you wanna choose the ingredients. I used to be that girl who NEVER asked a guy to hang out because I didn't want him to get bored of me and was scared of rejection.

Guys can sense when you're not feeling confident, and while I understand whomever you're dating should "love you for you," nobody wants to be with somebody who lets insecurities get the best of them.Any time we went out, 100% of my attention had to be on her or she'd shell up and get pissy later. My current SO and I sometimes barely hang out when we're at the same party.