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16-Jun-2020 23:28

Selling panties is a viable business model but I’ll talk about that in the future. Again, this gives away your approximate location and that’s not cool. Have a fake real name ready for moments like that, and remember that you’re engaging your fan in a fantasy and an illusion. Keep all their information private as if it’s your own.

You might develop a kind of relationship with one or a few of your customers, and at some point you may even feel like you know them well enough to trust them with something like your name. If someone wants to “get to know you,” stick to vague and ambiguous. If a photo has ever been or is currently connected with any of your real life accounts, do not share it with your fans.

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Most cam sites provide a lot of useful tips in their Performer Manual, including how to set up your geographic restrictions and make use of secure phone service.

These are important details that will make you a smarter and safer camgirl.

The feeling of my uncovered pussy and your fixed gaze on my wiggling cunt are too much for me to handle.

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A simple view out the window could reveal your approximate location.As secure as Amazon may appear, your address could show up on someone’s receipt. If your cam site offers an internal wishlist service, use it – they’re looking out for your privacy. This is why you have a Twitter account in your performer name, right? I recommend using Delivery Code if you need a safe spot to put your wishlist.