Intimidating questions to ask a guy

30-Oct-2019 03:58

[Read: Why guys love a girl who asks for help] WHEN BOTH OF YOU SPEAK TO EACH OTHER Getting a guy’s attention and making him like you back is easy when you already know him. Don’t get overexcited because you’re on talking terms now.

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Add in a few pointers that can awe him or make him desire you.

After a few hidden glances, blush or act coy when he catches your eye. Stare at him now and then while delicately playing with a pen or a glass of wine. Guys would be intimidated to approach a girl who seems busy.

If you want him to make a move on you, play around with some object, act idle or pretend like you’re bored.

Drop a few books or sheets of paper when he walks past you, or ask him for something when he walks past you like a pen.

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It’ll give him the perfect excuse to start a conversation with you.

Sit next to his table if you can, or walk near him if there’s an excuse.

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