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15-Aug-2020 22:06

My first car was a hand me down from my sister, a 1967 Buick GS400.

Plus at the end of the day there is something tangible (and delicious) to show for all that hard work!

I would ride a buffalo because they are big and powerful. I would retreat to Lincoln, VT and build a barricade around our cabin and pond stocked with trout. When winter hits, I’ll snowshoe out and kill the zombie stuck deep in the snow. What is your favorite alcoholic drink that isn’t Switchback? I’d choose Craig because he has soft hands, and a firm grip.

intimidating rage dampd 3 5-1


Wilco in 1999 at the old Higher Ground in Winooski. That’s 400 cubic inches of big block Buick with a cavernous 4 barrel carburetor in the hands of a 17 year old. I fell in love with Switchback Ale before I knew it was a local beer or anything about it; I just loved the taste.

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