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In the song Yas criticizes the people for playing a role in her demise and asked everyone to stop spreading her shame and to get rid of that infamous footage from their computers and cellphones.

The song hit a nerve among the Iranian youth and thousands wrote in and confessed that they went ahead and Broke that Disk.

He has also just signed a contract with an American music publishing company Modiba.

Ironically, Evergreen Publishing is also the home of the late Tupac Shakur catalogue who has granted permission for a mashup song between Yas and Tupac to show how hip hop can help bridge the cultural divide between us.

Yaser, who raps in Persian, states he was heavily influenced as a young man by Tupac Shakur albums brought back to Iran by his father, as well as the Classical Persian poetry especially Rumi.

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Their single was titled "The Sound of Unity" which was released this year along with a Music video.

Yas started his work after the 2001, He was devastated by the disaster, it was then, that he wrote his first song "Bam". He realized that through rap music he had the ability to reach people by telling full stories that he thought was not easy to do through other forms of music which only consisted of a few versus and a chorus.

Realizing that through his music, he had the ability to inspire people and reach millions of other young people in Iran.

Yas first began to listen to rap music at the age of 16 when his father returned from his business trip in Germany and brought him the latest Tupac album and other hip hop songs and he was heavily influenced by them.

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After the sudden death of his father, he was faced with the responsibility of becoming the primary caretaker of his household with his father's debts to pay.

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