Just dating vs relationship

01-Jul-2020 02:04

I developed a strong belief from this experience that you can keep your need to be right, or you can soften a bit and be happy.

One of the things that inevitably comes up in counseling couples is the decision to put the relationship first if you want it to last.

It is at this time that the decision can be made to put the relationship first.

Marilyn: I cannot count the number of arguments my ex-husband and I had where we would continually restate our position in an attempt to win one another over to our point of view.

Unfortunately, our partner also formed their beliefs through their family, a different family than the one in which we grew up. Could there be more than one “right way” to do something?

Only after we get older and experience other couples and how they relate, or we begin to work on ourselves, can we even imagine the possibility that there might be something different than what we grew up accepting.

You are no longer an individual living alone in your separate living space.

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Our parents were our predominant model for relationship and marriage.It also means admitting much more readily when I am wrong.Marilyn and Chuck: In our relationship, we strive to come together as a couple to work through our disagreements.In my mind, many times now, it has become more important for Marilyn and I to remain happy rather than my being right.

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If that means stopping an argument right in the middle because I can see that I want to be right, then fine, let’s do it.

In exasperation I would finally say: “You’re right!

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