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07-Mar-2020 20:03

They’re like, “Look at that, she’s so cute, just yappin’ away! Someone was like, "Well, my mom worked on the Dianne Feinstein campaign, so I think I'm qualified to say…" and I did this thing where I, like, stuck my thumbs up in his face like, "Grrrrreat! They were all like, "This is what's good," "This is what you should like," and I was like, [’s cover photo… I turned in a still from a friend of mine's student film for the cover of the CD — it was an orgy of Barbies floating in a pool. " They called up Nash [Kato, of Urge Overkill] and asked him to help.

I really like her for what she did in her first couple of albums, but here she just fails to reinvent that old school style that made me just wanna fuck her so hard. It was interesting to learn from the documentary that you were pretty surrounded by guys on the making of . When I went back to the documentary, the one unifying thing with the guys is, they all talk a really long time, and then I get a tiny little word in edgewise.This is not a blog about Liz Phair losing her “indie credibility.” That happened so long ago, we all have to just get over it. Especially musicians in an era where people would rather download, rip and burn than pay to support their favorite artists.Artists are supposed to try new things and push boundaries and I don't see where she went wrong with releasing this record.

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-- and also got us thinking about other celebrity couples that don’t seem to make much sense. … continue reading »

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best state for quality of life…and out of America’s 50 states, that’s a pretty good ranking!… continue reading »

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I started out the way I was raised, in the old-time mountain style, and Ive never wavered from it. I think that means a whole lot to the audience the people knows exactly what to expect. As everyone has said, something happens in that booth, where your very private thoughts that rumble around in your head and your memories suddenly come forth, and the voice that Dave just talked about, thats your soul.… continue reading »

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One more awesome thing: If you "pass" on a person, it will ask you why — presumably to make your future matches better suited to you — and then offers you another "free" bagel for the day (sometimes more than one if you continue to hit "pass").… continue reading »

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I sent them some photos of this guy and his email address — that's all.… continue reading »

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