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Caught red-handed, Raj asks Vikram for help, the later comes up with a ploy to make it appear that both Raj and Vikram are undercover police officers in real life.And as such, Raj was out on a mission when caught on camera and that the whole resulting "cheating husband outside window" scenario shown on TV was actually all a misunderstanding.Kishan calls in the news channels and the police to get the stranded Raj broadcast live on TV.He then calls Sanjana, asking her to turn on the TV and see for herself what Raj is up to.Kishan then shows this altered version to Raj and Vikram, making them to feel betrayed by Yogi.However, as fate has it, they get a chance for revenge right away when Yogi calls and confides in them that he is off to see Sweetie, one of his old girlfriends, who is set to be married next month.Vikram, on the other hand, maintains a strict hand on his wife and treats her condescendingly most of the time.

Yogi has already been caught by Maya after the latter hired her new-found friend Kishan (Akshay Kumar), a private detective, to check on Yogi.

When Raj and Vikram come face to face with King, they quickly backtrack on their story of being undercover police officers.

However, King (Kishan) is able to scare Raj and Vikram into being blindfolded and taken as his prisoners.

However, Sanjana finds out from Maya that the necklace that Raj had supposedly bought only for her actually was part of a buy one, get one free deal.

Shivani, Maya, and Sanjana all get together to find the other, and Maya decides to hire Kishan to tail Raj.

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