Manage anxiety insecurity dating relationships

27-Oct-2019 14:25

Millions of dollars are made off misconceptions about love every day.Through movies, songs and advertisements, we are fed a dream of love meant to save us from the mundane.For those suffering with ROCD (and other Pure O variants such as HOCD, Harm OCD, and Scrupulosity), compulsions are often performed mentally, and can be fairly imperceptible to others.Unfortunately, the lack of knowledge about the less visible symptoms of ROCD often leads to misdiagnosis.We are whisked off on a white horse to a dream world free of pain, suffering, anxiety, and as it turns out….When we are so regularly fed a diet of fantasy, it is no wonder that our anxiety surrounding relationships, commitment, and marriage can skyrocket.This fear of causing emotional harm to one’s partner is quite similar to the harming obsessions commonly seen in Harm OCD.

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Ultimately, there is no way to know with 100% certainty whether a relationship is “right” or “wrong”, just as we cannot guarantee (however morbidly) that we will even wake up tomorrow morning, or that our children will be safe even when we are not there to supervise them.

At it’s most basic, ROCD is focused on one simple obsession: in love with their partner.

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