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The episode, , called out Quayle for being intolerant of non-traditional families.

The episode culminated in a prank where Murphy and other single mothers arranged for a truckload of potatoes to be dumped in front of Quayle's residence.

I said one day, I know why this is so much fun: it reminds me of college.’ ” Sometimes, Tipper, 44, and Hillary Clinton, 45, seem like twins.

The warmth between Barbara Bush and Marilyn Quayle was nearly undetectable.

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For days, while their husbands traveled the road to the While House together, Hillary Clinton and Tipper Gore found themselves sharing seats and confidences on bus journeys across the country. On the slump with their husbands, Tipper often glanced at Hillary, catching her eye and giving her winks. Tipper has said, is “my long-lost sister.” Tipper, says Hillary, is “a real partner, somebody I can talk to, somebody who sees the world as I do.” Clinton and Gore are gal pals of the top order, future First and Second Lady in rank but friends first and foremost.

They laugh at the same jokes; they know just when to mug for the cameras.

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