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Like many frustrated parents, she was taking a page from the Nike play book, hoping that “Just Do It” was a workable strategy for him.Letting go of who we desperately want our children to be, of what we dreamed they would become, is one of the most difficult tasks for parents at this stage -- when children transition into young adulthood.To see those dreams become hazy and unclear, to feel them fall apart, can be an experience that parents find frightening.In the face of forces beyond our control, we begin to feel powerless, and may react by blaming our children for what they are not doing – and in reality, cannot yet do.Reading books and articles about the specific conditions that our child is dealing with – and how it is usually treated.Second, we need to do our own emotional work – grieving the loss of the child we wanted and expected, and learning to accept the child who is actually before us.

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This process of letting go has several steps that parents typically go through.

As we seek to control what cannot be controlled, we become angry – and the tension in the family mounts to unbearable levels.

We feel ourselves running out of patience, out of resources – and even begin to wonder what it means to continue to love this troubled child – or if we really do love them.

Rick Silver, Founder and Director of The THRIVE Center, located in Columbia: The mother of a 20 year old patient had spent an hour with me in my office, explaining the details of her son’s developmental challenges over the past decade.“I’m hoping you can tell us what’s wrong and what to do about it.

He was always moody and has had rageful episodes since he was little.First, we must get clear and accurate information about who they are – how their brains work, how their psyches shape their choices and behavior. Neuropsychological testing, which helps define the cognitive and emotional strengths and weaknesses of our child2.

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