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It was now dark outside and the sun had fully set, the only light source being the electric lamps that were situated on the corners of the decking.From this artificial yellow light I could just make out the white flakes that were falling gently onto the drive way; it had begun to snow again.It's just a shallow cut," I heard the first voice say; "I'll dress and bandage it to be safe though.""Will you do it out here? He still feels awful about what happened on her eighteenth…""I know, Esme, I know.""Yes, there's no point in spilling blood inside the house unnecessarily. I'm very proud of him; his control has improved so much over the last six years, but you know we can't take any chances when it comes to Bella's safety.As I saw it I remembered my hand and looked down to find that he had relinquished it.I stared at the now bandaged cut in surprise; I hadn't even noticed him working on it, I had been so preoccupied by my visions."Th-thank you," I said, still surveying my hand as I turned it over. I'm sorry Carlisle, I swear I c-can come to visit you without getting blood all over the place…" I trailed off, aware that Carlisle had not laughed at my lame comment or even spoken at all." Carlisle's voice acted like a magnet, dragging me immediately from my recollections.I opened my eyes, slightly disorientated, taking full stock of my surroundings for the first time since Jacob's voicemail message had ended.

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There was no shadow of laughter there, only serious concern and worry. "Um, so thanks for cleaning me up, I'm sorry about, uh, the snow…now it's pink and all…" what was I saying? He must be wondering whether my brain had also sustained serious damage.I looked away from the snow and turned my attention to Carlisle.