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The principal functions of a windows are: Windows can be used in a Modeless state (such as a text editor that can have multiple documents open at once) or Modal (such as an Export dialog that must be dismissed before the application can continue).Panels are a special kind of Window (a subclass of the base class), that typically serve an auxiliary function in an application, such as utility windows like Text format inspectors and system Color Picker.Mac application, the process is basically the same as what we have just done above: Now that we have a basic window created, we'll look at the typical processes a Xamarin. Mac application, other than having the user click the window's Close button or using a menu item.mac OS provides two different ways to close an ) has been modified by the user and needs to be saved.For more information about working with Outlets and Actions, please see our Outlet and Action documentation.For any window that you create and work with in your Xamarin. Mac application will automatically display the window defined in the There might be times that you wish to programmatically close a window in a Xamarin.This article covers working with Windows and Panels in a Xamarin. It covers creating and maintaining Windows and Panels in Xcode and Interface builder, loading Windows and Panels from .storyboard or files, using Windows modally and responding to Windows in C# code.This article will cover the following topics in detail: to create and maintain your Windows and Panels (or optionally create them directly in C# code). Mac application can present one or more Window on screen to manage and coordinate the information it displays and works with.

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Systemwide Panels (such as the Fonts panel), float on top of all open windows no matter the application. Mac Cocoa application, you get a standard blank, window by default.The foremost Document or App Window that is currently focus of the user’s attention is called the (the window that is currently accepting user input).