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27-Apr-2020 19:28

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After less than two weeks of correspondence she began offering to come to Canada. During the time I was writing her I did something to catch Olga at her scam.She used the usual send me the money so I can buy the ticket here routine on me. A few weeks later she wrote me telling me her Mother had died and she needed 0.00 U. I recommend this to any man corresponding with a Russian or Ukrainian woman - Open another e-mail account for yourself under a ficticious name - write her and see what she says to the second guy (you). She has had her profile on over a hundred singles sites over they years and makes a lot of money at this.Lots of tricks, but the best one was cleverly built up over my 5 day visit.The crunch came on the last day when she said that she could only come to England if I paid her 00 so that she could pay her ex (drunkard) husband to let her and her mother stay in their flat (which he still owned).Of course I did not pay, but she has played similar tricks on others with more Success.

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She emailed me back giving me her personal email address and we started corresponding from there. On February 1st she informed me that she thought I was only interested in an Internet relationship and that she was looking to meet her "other half".I was planning on going anyway so the first trip was not just for Olga.