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Forget grossing people out with the clip-clip-clip of nail-trimming—even filing that jagged nail during a meeting can ick people out (not to mention make you seem uninterested in the discussion).

"The only personal hygiene tasks that are acceptable to do at your desk are pushing your hair out of your eyes and applying lipstick—just don't do it in a sexy way. And while brushing and flossing your teeth after lunch is admirable, be sure to rinse away and toss the evidence.

"But run this idea by your supervisor and colleagues first." What's the only thing worse than being forced to listen to music you didn't choose?

Listening to someone whistling, humming or singing for eight straight hours a day. The sign says "Restroom," not "Conference Room C."There's always going to be some at-the-sink gossip among work friends (even though this is usually better left for a coffee break), but in general, "Avoid conversation in the bathroom, except of the most trivial and fleeting kind," says Alford.

If you sit to coworkers and/or heat stuff in the shared kitchenette, avoid foods that have a powerful or long-lingering scent (microwave popcorn's a common offender—buy a pre-popped bag instead). Because of the smell, you probably wouldn't order raw onions or curry," says etiquette expert Henry Alford, author of "The bottom line is you don't want to distract coworkers." On the topic of food and drinks in shared spaces, please sponge your leftover-spaghetti spatters off the microwave, which is not, in fact, a self-cleaning appliance.

And don't be the one who takes the last cup of coffee without setting a fresh pot to brew, unless you want to face the wrath of under-caffeinated colleagues.

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You pride yourself on your awesome i Tunes playlists—but consider that perhaps Bob in the next cubicle doesn't find Ke$ha quite as "energizing" at 10 a.m.Before you even hit that print button, consider whether you really need a hard copy of, say, every email you send when there are electronic backup methods available.Skipping that step will free up printers for coworkers who really need them and maybe save a small rainforest or two.Believe it or not, we don't enjoy listening to you bicker with your husband on the phone.

They call it a "personal" call for a reason—not all your coworkers want to become intimately acquainted with the details of your irritable bowel syndrome or listen to you yap about how your sister-in-law copied your daughter's birthday party theme.

Even if quiet radio-playing is allowed, get neighbors' permission first and always keep the volume low.