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The first word of the Vulgate text of Psalm 1 (Hebrew, li). It is the first psalm at Lauds in all the ferial (week-day) Offices throughout the year, outside of Paschal Time, and in the Sunday Offices from Septuagesima to Palm Sunday inclusive. It is the psalm chosen for the preces feriales at Vespers for all the weekdays in Lent with the exception of the triduum of Holy Week, for those in Advent, for the ember-days except those of the Pentecostal season, and for all vigils, except those of Christmas, Epiphany, the Ascension, and Pentecost. It is very prominent in the ceremony of the Asperges, during which the choir sings the antiphon "Asperges me, Domine, hyssopo", etc. Psalm 1:8 ; Vulgate 1:9), then the verse "Miserere mei, Deus", etc. Psalm 1:1 ; Vulgate 1:3), then the Gloria Patri, and finally the antiphon "Asperges me", the celebrant meanwhile reciting, either alone or alternately with the sacred ministers, the entire Miserere.Two other Psalms (lv and lvi) begin with the same word, and all three continue with mei, Deus (Have mercy on me, O God ). In addition it is said just before the oratio , or prayer, in all the Canonical Hours in the triduum of Holy Week, except the Vespers and Compline of Holy Saturday. On Passion and Palm Sundays the Gloria Patri is omitted, and during Paschal Time the antiphon and psalm are "Vidi aquam" and "Confitemini" (Ps. The Miserere is found in many other ceremonial functions; at the Burial of the Dead, with the antiphon "Exultabunt Domino ossa humiliata", taken from the 9th ( Vulgate, 10th) verse of the psalm ; at the episcopal visitation of parishes, the blessing of a bell ; the consecration of an altar-stone ; the laying of the corner-stone of a church; the blessing of a church, of a cemetery, of a house, of congregations, and fields; the reconciliation of a profaned church (whether consecrated or merely blessed ) or of a profaned cemetery.Any unauthorized use, without prior written consent of Catholic Online is strictly forbidden and prohibited.

1, however, that it is commonly referred to as the Miserere, without further qualification.

The Constitution of Peru designates it as the Historical Capital of Peru. Although the name was used in Quechua, its origin is found in the Aymara language.

The word is derived from the phrase qusqu wanka ('Rock of the owl'), related to the city's foundation myth of the Ayar Siblings.

It is said by the penitent who is to be absolved from excommunication ( in foro externo ), and by the absolving priest in the case of a deceased excommunicate who had given some sign of contrition before death, the ceremony entitling to ecclesiastical burial.

At the Visitation of the Sick the priest may say the Miserere or any other of the first three penitential psalms.It figured prominently in the ancient ceremony of the Reconciliation of Penitents on Maundy Thursday, both as one of the seven penitential psalms recited by the bishop in the sanctuary, and as one of the three psalms commencing with Miserere during the prostration of clergy and laity (including the penitents).

We've been seeing stronger interest in PC gaming lately, and we have the rise of Steam to thank for this.… continue reading »

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Music events take place in various venues throughout the town. The town was the home of the composer Henry Walford Davies who became the Master of the King's Musick.… continue reading »

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The one with such a huge age gap is Hyerin and Ji Sung in Entetainer with 15 years gap. KRW although older in real, here, he looks just right for PSH who is not young anymore. This is an awesome drama but I kind of wanted her to end up with Dr.… continue reading »

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I grew up watching Park Shin Hye in lots of dramas and also movies, all i can say is she's a decent actress. You two look so cute together especially at the party and you looked so lovely. nice film, doctors, it shows when there is a good teachers,there is a chance student will change for better , a wayward child to a doctor. I have been watching many of her dramas and the latest drama (Doctors) made her looks different from her usually character.. Your grandmother’s death must have changed your perspective on the important attitude of a good doctor. And I'm getting everybody in California to get a fan club just for you. Park Shin Hye, keep reminiscing over your past Running Man ep 120-121 with Lee Seung Gi & ep 166 with Kim Woo Bin & Choi Jin Hyuk. I can't wait for this drama to arrive,am getting so damn bored with that so-called Daebak drama and am patiently but not too patiently waiting for Doctors to light up my life:) Park Shin Hye, admire your charitable work, your constant endeavors & well-rounded lifestyle. I will always be your fan forever and all with you praying for you all the time.. Park, you are the most talented women that i have ever seen. Most of all, I enjoy every moment of the journey with you. Now, I can't wait to see you in your upcoming drama DOCTOR. I agree that she needs to take role with other older lead males (i.e So Ji Sub, Hyun Bin, etc) and in a longer drama series. What I guess I love the most is the true human characters in the stories. Park Shin Hye is the first actress who ever stole my heart in her acting. … continue reading »

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