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I pulled the vibrator way from her clit and continued to lick, suck and nibble her with my tongue. It’s such a sexual power rush seeing her lose all her inhibitions and beg to be fucked. Panting between clenched teeth she pleaded, “I need a big, hot cock in me, fucking my pussy. No more cold, hard vibrator.” Cassie whined, “Please, sweetheart! I’m so horny I’ll fuck your cock, Jack’s cock, or any other hard throbbing, hot cock… He’s fucked me before and now knows how to use that beautiful tool to make me feel good.

I positioned the point of the vibrator upward so the tip was stimulating the underside of her clit while I used my other hand to gently pull back the hood to expose her clitoris then using my tongue I licked and kissed her clit from the top.