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In addition to email, PST files contain calendar, contacts, notes, journal and other information that is used and manipulated by Outlook.The advantage of the PST is that it is a single file; all information can be copied to another machine or backed up simply by operating on that single file.It’s generally recommended that important data be backed up in data also be backed up in another physical location, such as a different building, or online.More than anything, the important concept is that there never be only a single copy of important data. See also: back up PST is an acronym for Personal STore, and is the file format used by the Microsoft Office Outlook email and personal information management program.PST files are actually fairly complex databases that contain your mail, your calendar, your contacts, and even more when you use Microsoft Office’s Outlook mail program.(Not to be confused with Outlook.com, the online mail service from Microsoft, which is completely unrelated.) The default location has changed a time or two over the years.

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If there’s only one copy of something – say a photograph on a mobile phone – then it’s not backed up.

Click the Close button at the lower right corner of the window.

The main Outlook 2011 email window will appear on screen.

When it does, continue at If you’ve preveiously set up email accounts in Outlook 2011. Your incoming mail server is mail.(your domain name).

So, for example, if your domain name were widgets.com, your incoming mail server would be mail.3.In other versions of Outlook, you may see things called Personal Folders or Outlook Today.