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It is an indefinable word for it represents the progressive development of European organization during seven centuries.Its roots go back into the social conditions of primitive peoples, and its branches stretch out through military, political, and judicial evolution to our own day.The musical settings of the Miserere are very many.Three of them ( Baini's on Wednesday, Bai's on Thursday, and Allegri's on Friday afternoons) are especially famous because of their yearly repetition in the pope's chapel during the Tenebræ. Some commentators think that the last two verses of the psalm were added in the time of the Captivity. 1 and 2 of the psalm, and refers to the sin of David ( 2 Samuel 11 ) and to the reproaches and warnings of the prophet Nathan ( 2 Samuel 12 ).Among the numerous estimates recorded by musicians and travellers on these three settings, mention may be made of Mendelssohn's, Cardinal Wiseman's, Madame de Stael's (in "Corinne"), Mr.

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Delitzsch nevertheless considers them quite admissible in the mouth of David, arguing that the Hebrew for "build" means not only "to rebuild", but "to complete what is being built", and that Solomon's wall ( 1 Kings 3:1 ) can be regarded as a fulfilment of David's prayer "that the walls of Jerusalem may be built up". the appended bibliography, which gives the suffrages of some recent Catholic commentators to the traditional ascription, in addition to the opinions of several of the more recent non-Catholic commentators.) The Miserere has a most prominent place in the Divine Office and in various ceremonies. omnes") is said daily in the prayers after dinner ( post prandium ), except on days when only one meal is taken (in which case the prayers are those styled post caenam, "after supper") and also except the times from Christmas to the Octave of the Epiphany, from Holy Saturday until Low Sunday exclusively, and from Ascension Thursday to the Octave of Pentecost exclusively.

Rockstro is equally appreciative and musically more precise and detailed in respect of Allegri's Miserere, of which he gives many illustrations, and which he defends against certain criticisms. in the same dictionary articles on Bai, Baini.) Copyright 2017 Catholic Online.

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(1) As regards the duties involved in it, feudalism may be defined as a contractual system by which the nation as represented by the king lets its lands out to individuals who pay rent by doing governmental work not merely in the shape of military service, but also of suit to the king's court. It was in imitation of the later Roman Empire, which met the Germanic inroads by grants of lands to individuals on condition of military service (Palgrave, "English Commonwealth", I, 350, 495, 505), that the Carlovingian Empire adopted the same expedient.

By this means the ninth century Danish raids were opposed by a semi-professional army, better armed and more tactically efficient than the old Germanic levy.In a fragmentary form it is also prominent, in the selection of some of its most searching verses, for the preces of Prime in the Divine Office ; in the verse "Domine labia mea aperies", etc., with which the Office commonly opens at Matins and Prime ; in the use of the antiphon "Asperges", and the verse "Miserere" in the Communion of the Sick, and of the antiphon alone at Extreme Unction (de Herdt, "Praxis"); in the selection of various verses for use as antiphons in the Office, and for an Offertory, a Communion, and an Alleluia-verse at Mass.