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Turtledove: because of their reputation for taking only one mate to whom they are faithful for life, turtledoves are a symbol of Christian fidelity.

They are also known for their love of seclusion, a fact mentioned by St. Scarab: an ancient symbol of regeneration (the scarab was an especially prevalent symbol in Egypt), the scarab was adopted by Christians, too, as a symbol for the same and for the Resurrection, in particular, and for Christ Himself. 340-397) referred to Christ as “The Good Scarabaeus” numerous times, with other Church Fathers, such as SS.

Jesus watches over those who falter, he corrects those who stray; in short, he looked at Peter and immediately his sin went away, his denial was put out of mind, his confession followed.

Light of our darksome journey here, With days dividing night from night!

And he that sat, was to the sight like the jasper and the sardine stone; and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald. Scallop shell: the sea shell, especially the scallop shell, is the symbol of Baptism, and is found frequently on Baptismal fonts.

The Good Shepherd: Some of the earliest depictions of Christ show Him as the Good Shepherd. The dish used by priests to pour water over the heads of catechumens in Baptism is often scallop-shaped.

Lamb: symbol of Christ as the Paschal Lamb and also a symbol for Christians (as Christ is our Shepherd and Peter was told to feed His sheep). Agnes (Feast Day 21 January), virgin martyr of the early Church.

Dove: symbol of the Holy Ghost and used especially in representations of our Lord's Baptism and the Pentecost.

The hunter could then come by and take its horn, which was seen as having profound medical qualities (for ex., it was said to eliminate the harmful effects of a poisoned liquid).The picturing of a virgin and unicorn together, then, was common during the Age of Faith -- the former representing Our Lady, and the latter representing Christ, Who brought forth the "horn of salvation."Ermine: the ermine was believed to have rather died than get its pure white coat dirty and, so, it came to symbolize innocence, moral purity, and the Christian's desire to die rather than commit a mortal sin.Its fur was used to adorn the clothes of clerics and royalty.But Christ is crushed in the cracks of the walls, because he is killed by the Jews.

Christ shuns the light in the sense that he detests and hates vainglory...

He flees from the light, in the sense that he does not look for the glory of human praise." Cock: the cock is the harbinger of the dawn, and "Oriens" -- "Dawn" -- is one of the titles for Christ (used especially in the O Antiphons during Advent). Further, it is ancient belief that the cock's crow breaks enchantments and evil spells. 861), Bishop of Troyes, wrote "They say that the night-wandering demons, who rejoice in dunnest shades, at the crowing of the cock tremble and scatter in sore affright." The Aberdeen Bestiary (c.

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