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12-Oct-2019 13:39

Then there is the very real reality of mental illness, addiction, emotional disorders, and trauma that many teens are battling.

If our child had liver failure, we would go to the ends of the earth for medical care, the best doctors, the strongest intervention, the greatest support network, and all the earth would rally to our side to fight for her wholeness.

There is no parenting formula that ensures any child’s path.

While they aren’t skipping grades and ending world hunger, neither are they struggling with extreme behaviors, so my experience is fairly ordinary. But parents, do you know how many teens are in crisis?

This was something 10 years ago I would've thought only horrible HORRIBLE parents could say. We don't tell them everything that's going on with Landon, just that he has made poor choices and we still need to love him. If you're married, keep your marriage top priority! The enemy will see this as a way to ruin your marriage, and it will if you don't put time and effort into making your marriage strong. Not only did my huband and I need it, but our other children needed it too. I'm honored to work in high school ministry and the number of struggling families I encounter can break your heart. That was actually more encouraging than the last article about normal teens.

The first time I realized I didn't feel love for Landon I felt like I was defective or sick or just plain cold hearted. Just knowing that I wasn't alone and wasn't a horrible person was HUGE. They are smart though and know most of what's going on. Make sure your teenager knows that you and your spouse are on the same team and in agreement. But the worst of it is when you encounter those parents that are trying everything, doing everything, loving with all they have and to see them judged by others is simply the most heartbreaking. Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed them both, but it helps a lot to hear people being real with their negative emotions and experiences sometimes.

Society expects three-year-olds to act like lunatics, but we don’t know what to do with a teen that cuts or abuses or destroys or hates herself. The truth is, teenagers are whole human beings and they get to choose their steps.

Because we are a people who like to blame, so often parents get the side eye: What did you do wrong? So many troubled teens are beloved, they come from good families, they were rocked and read to and cheered for.But, let me tell you, seeing your child in an orange jumpsuit handcuffed is HARD. Seeing him in pain because of his choices is so hard as a parent to watch. I asked another precious friend whose teen is so lost what helps most from others and she said, "Kindness." Tell us specifically how we can help. Many a prodigal comes home in two years, five years, fifteen years.