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Franklin Aloysius Mumford (2002-2005) Brooklyn Sudano ................. Jazz Raycole left her role as Claire Kyle after the first season of My Wife and Kids when her mother learned that a friend of Claires would get pregnant in the second season.

John (2001-2004) Damon Wayans who wrote scripts, produced and starred on My Wife and Kids once stated that the series was inspired by "The Cosby Show".

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Michael's accountant dies suddenly, making him take a whole new perspective about his life.

My Wife and Kids was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about parents who loved their children but had lots of trouble relating to them. " During the third season of My Wife and Kids actress Meagan Good joined the cast as Kyle Jr's girlfriend Vanessa Scott.

Janet "Jay" Kyle Parker Mc Kenna Posey ............ In order to "blow off" the change in appearance, Michael Kyle tells his daughter Claire, "I don't know what it is, but you look like a whole new person!

Of course, when Jennifer Freeman took over the role it was blatantly obvious that Claire looked totally different!

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Vanessa Scott (2003-2005) Andrew Mc Farlane ................ Claire Kyle (2001-2002) Lester Speight .................. Mom didn't want her daughter involved in what she felt might influence teenage fans' sexuality.When Jay asks Michael to spend less time watching TV and more time with the family, they both learn that their biggest problem is communication.