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In 1803, another famous incident occurred in Parramatta, involving a convicted criminal named Joseph Samuel, originally from England.

Samuel was convicted of murder and sentenced to death by hanging, but the rope broke.

furthest from the thin, sandy coastal soil) and also the point at which the river became freshwater and therefore useful for farming.

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They called the area Baramada or Burramatta ('Parramatta') which means "head of waters", To this day many eels and other sea creatures are attracted to nutrients that are concentrated where the saltwater of Port Jackson meets the freshwater of the Parramatta River.

The northern end of Church Street, close to Lennox Bridge, features al fresco dining with a diverse range of cuisines.

The southern end of Church Street features many Chinese restaurants and extends past Westfield to Auto Alley.

As a settlement developed, Governor Phillip gave it the name "Rose Hill" after George Rose, Secretary for the British Treasury.

In 1791 he changed the name to Parramatta, approximating the term used by the local Aboriginal people.

Philip Gidley King's account of his visit to Parramatta on 9 April 1790 is one of the earliest descriptions of the area.

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