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Today Rick and his brother Marty have dedicated their lives towards finding it.

Day by day, with the help of engineering professionals, tech experts and historians, they make more and more discoveries helping them get closer to the treasure.

So many theories and so little evidence, but the next theory is the most intriguing of them all.

One of the most interesting theories correlates with the alleged Masonic markings which can be found all across Oak Island.

While a hidden treasure chest may seem like something out of your favorite pirate movie, it isn’t as unrealistic as you might think.

There are allegedly thousands of hidden treasure spots around the world.

The obsession with finding the island’s treasure has caused even the most sensible of people to go crazy.

There is even one theory that says a total of seven deaths have to take place until the island will let anyone find its treasure.

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Daniel Mc Ginnis was strolling around Oak Island one day, taking in the sights, when he discovered the odd circular depression.

This discovery led to the Onslow Company being formed to search the area and see what they could find, eight years later in 1804.

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