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25-Aug-2020 18:13

She is currently set to star in NBC's new sitcom "Happy Endings," a show where a lesbian (played by Kelly Brook) decides to have a baby with her straight guy-friend.

This is the Prince Edward Island of postcards and travel brochures. More than 300 guests are expected at the reception at his home after he and Calgary-born actress Elisha Cuthbert wed at a nearby church. Phaneuf is well-known to Canadian hockey fans, it is Ms.

This gorgeous pair couldn’t look happier so, congratulations!The couple have been dating since 2008, and officially married in July 2013.Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher may have attended their wedding.(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images North America)Yet again, Sean Avery has done a fantastic job of proving why he's the most hated player in the NHL.

The Dallas forward, known for his rude antics on and off the ice, was suspended indefinitely Tuesday morning after making some interesting comments to...

The beautiful ceremony was followed by a reception at Dion‘s giant waterfront estate nearby where Elisha has said (via the) is “a quiet place that we can be ourselves and not get bothered too much and have a real summer away from the hustle and bustle of our lives.” Elisha and Dion have been dating since 2008 and got engaged in September 2012.