Questions to ask guys when dating

13-Aug-2020 01:49

You’ll find out their preferences and passions, and whether they like to stay productive away from work – or whether they prefer to wind down and have lazy days. This is another one of important questions to ask a guy on a first date. That might sound superficial, but playfulness is a key factor in a healthy relationship.If you get your kicks from teasing and flirting, while he prefers toilet humour, it could be difficult for two to hit it off in the long run.I've been people-shopping recently, or what some folks call Online Dating, and I've managed to meet some really interesting people.After the initial introductory emails, when communication gets a little more relaxed, I tend to end messages with a list of questions (and then I judge their responses).Moreover, if you guys are to start seeing each other regularly, you will be seeing more of their friends. If you guys hit it off, you will invariably end up spending your Saturday’s together.Getting to know a little bit about them early on helps. As such, it’s kinda important that his preferred way of spending a Saturday is similar to yours.

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If, however, his answer is something you wanted to hear, it means you guys can keep on pressing ahead. One of great questions to ask a guy on a first date is about his life goals, they are important.Some men, for example, are workaholics who literally have no time to do anything else.