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After reportedly leading a wanton and lascivious lifestyle, Augustine left his mistress and children and totally reversed himself by vowing to be celibate. Augustine's strong anti-sex views, it will surprise and maybe baffle some that this sainted man felt that prostitution was necessary in society.

Thereafter he saw the "flesh" as wicked, flawed and sinful. According to a quote: "If you expel prostitution from society you will unsettle everything on account of lusts."The threat of an eternal hell of fire-and-brimstone not only bolstered this control but it allowed the church to commercialize the forgiveness of sexual sin -- a predisposition that was solidly programmed into our "survival of the species" DNA.

It has only been in recent years that fundamentalist Christian belief has started to deal with human sexuality in an open and positive (although still very restrictive) way.

Those who hold to prevailing religious belief tend to fear the presence of more sexually liberated and even more morally responsible views.

Next, before effective birth control, sex commonly resulted in pregnancy.

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Since marrying a Jew and having only Jewish children were central to this, scriptural law governing sex was codified to support this need.

It was therefore reasoned that sex had to be "moderated" or controlled by various means.

Since the church had the only real authority over people, sexual prohibitions had to come from there.

Although a few children may have been an asset in providing needed labor around the home and farms, it was clear that many couples could not (and did not want to) take care of a dozen or more children.

Among other things, this would clearly have a negative religious and economic impact.

Back when women married in their teens, this could mean a great many children.

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