Reasons for backdating jsa

11-Jun-2020 16:31

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You will have to demonstrate good cause throughout the period for which you are requesting backdating. The burden of proving good cause rests with you as the customer, however, the Benefits Service will consider all of the relevant facts in each case.We may request to see evidence if your reasons relate to medical illness or delays caused by a third party.The Appeals Service can arrange for your appeal to be at your home if you are too ill to travel.You will need a note from your doctor stating you are too ill to travel.

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Common reasons for a higher level sanction to be applied include: If you are subject to a sanction, you are able to appeal against the decision if you deem it to be incorrect or unfair.

Alternatively, if he doesn’t claim backdated CA will he loose out on a premium he should have been entitled to? Yes he should claim backdated CA and the premium can be backdated - see CPAG pg 240.