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23-Feb-2020 22:40

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Note: the example above shows how you can pass a value of another column on the same row that you wish to delete (ex: item_id is a field of another column in the same row) to your event handler that can help you delete a record from the database. NET in case anyone needs it: Private Function Ok2Delete(By Val p Row As String) As Boolean If Session("Row Index") Is Nothing Or Else _ (CInt(Session("Rowindex")) = p Row And Also Date Time. This is a known issue and we areinvestigating fixing this in the next service pack.

For the time beingyou could use the following work around.

So, you can use the Row Updated event to access this value.

The event's Row Handle parameter specifies the previous handle (position) of the row before the Row Updated event was raised.

Well, when you enable editing on your gridview, it would put the Edit button on your gridview.

(also I used a static counter to see how many times the event gets fired when clicking on the Grid View delete button, which was also confirmed it that it's counting 2 per each click). please help ok, just in case anyone else is facing events getting triggered twice (for any reason), and getting the infamous "Deleted row information cannot be accessed through the row." exception, I wrote a method that prevents the duplication (unorthodox but it works).It's value is automatically calculated by the data source, based upon the values of other fields.

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