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21-Oct-2019 07:05

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Not surprising, but still it is no more likely that a teen would find a relationship in an online environment than in math class.

There are so many dangers inherent in anything we do online, and teen online dating sites present real peril to those that use them.

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I can't believe that I have stupendous physical chemistry with someone whose pheromones I wasn't able to sniff out until after the initial online joust and parry." She adds: "Dating online is simply another way to meet people.

Today, we confront a myriad of new safety issues, concerns, risks and harms, while also benefiting from the wonders that technology can and does bring into our and our children’s lives.

Our original worries focused on content, but now the ...

So, it makes sense to be wary of teen online dating sites from the start.

Many adults use online dating to meet people because they are busy and their social circles tend to shrink as they get older.(Consider the fake Nigerian prince email scams so many of us have received.) Listen to the experts. " says Julie Spira, a leading online dating expert, bestselling author of , and creator of profiles for singles via Cyber Dating