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We can only imagine how beautiful the bride looked! Chris Brown, Jamie Foxx and rapper Tyga all found themselves at 1OAK's Exclusive Fourth of July Bash at Nobu Malibu on Independence Day, which called for a musical celebration!Both Breezy and Jamie chose to sing songs about how wonderful the ladies in their lives are, performing both . Can someone find them a girlfriend that isn’t breaking their hearts over money?! We also wonder how Karrueche felt sitting there while her main man sang about people cheating on him! But it didn’t matter because there were lots of other celebs there for her to chat with like Lindsay Lohan is about to un-friend her former flame, Samantha Ronson, for good! No, Lindz is cutting Sam out of her life COMPLETELY!I don't think she gets very much credit—she's tried. It could happen in the future, but right now we need to see Lindsay get straightened out."Fast-forward to today and Lohan has nothing but sympathy for Trump—though she was a quick to add that she's a Hillary Clinton fan, even though she isn't planning to vote this year.

Lohan's got it in spades, for fellow famous types such as the ones who are trying to avoid the pitfalls of young stardom (and not always being successful), as well as those who may actually deserve some criticism but who have become easy targets in her eyes."I was in London when I saw all the stories about Justin Bieber's troubles going on," she recalled to Bieber was actually compared to Lohan, for awhile the poster girl for child stars gone wrong, enough so that he dashed out an Instagram diss in March 2013 calling upon those comparing the two to look at Lindsay's tax return.According to her interview, she's besties with Rita Ora, saying she's "like a second sister" and calling their relationship "a nice friendship." is one of her favorite shows. She's been dating Egor for about seven months after meeting last summer.And she insists the toxic forces in her life have been vanquished.The two fought back on Myspace (#TBT x 2) declaring their shameless love for each other. Lohan was reported to be screaming on the streets, and drinking like she was going to the electric chair. That’s how it started so I think that’s how it was meant to be.” Even though their romance was ill-fated and doomed from the jump, it was a very important celesbian moment for me.

The two went on a romantic getaway to Cabo together and everything seemed ~heavenly~. A twitter war broke out where 22-year old Lilo accused Ronson of cheating on her! Cheat.” She furiously tweeted (grammar has never been her strong suit, but she can OK? Lindsay later told the press, “Two toxic people cannot be together. In 2008 I was also a drunk 22-year old, living in Los Angeles. Yesterday we heard about the two lists Lindsay was making in rehab with the help of her counselors: one list has all of her friends that she plans on keeping around after she leaves Cliffside Malibu this week.