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1947 (South India) The Order of Service for the Inauguration of Church Union in South India, with the Form of Consecrating the First New Bishops and the Order of Service for the Ordination of Presbyters1951 (England) The Order for the Celebration of Low Mass according to the Use of the Illustrious Church of Salisbury Closely Rendered into English, Rubricated and Presented in a Usable Form, together with an Appendix of Notes Mainly Historical and Expository1953 (England) The Lord's Service for the Lord's Children Between 19, two hundred thousand copies of this instructed eucharist, with its coloring pages, were distributed to Church of England children.

This was the last edition, with the State Prayers updated for Queen Elizabeth II.c.

This is the first liturgy prepared for Papua New Guinea that departs from the traditional BCP order in several respects, anticipating changes adopted by some parts of the Anglican Communion later in the decade.

The Niugini Liturgy was prepared and published by the Right Reverend David Hand (1918-2006), whose ministry in New Guinea spanned from 1946 to 2006.'Occasional Offices, Church of the Province of Papua New Guinea This group of liturgies is a predecessor to the current official prayer book of the Church of the Province of Papua New Guinea, which was published in 1991 under the title 1977 (Scotland) Scottish Episcopal Church Experimental Liturgy 1977 'a transitional revision permitted for use in the Scottish Episcopal Church between the Scottish Liturgy 1970 and the Scottish Liturgy 1982'.

The entire project took three years to complete and was financed by the sale of advance subscriptions.' This masterpiece is well worth the time to download and examine; the pictorial engravings are lovely.

Book of Common Prayer Standard English Project 'an early stage collaborative effort to produce a version of the Book of Common Prayer (1662) which differs (in as much as is possible) only in having a modernised language and visual format'.

1958 (England) The Interim Rite This undated adaptation of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer Order for Holy Communion follows the recommendations of N. Williams’s 1928 essay For the Present Distress: A Suggestion for an Interim Rite.1960 (Ghana) The 1960 Book of Common Prayer of the Anglican Church of Ghana This BCP, available on Charles Wohlers' website, is a revision of the 1662 Prayer Book with slight modifications to reflect Ghanaian independence and local Anglo-Catholic practice.

1961 (USA) A Functional Liturgy This early effort in the revision of the US 1928 BCP was prepared by the Revd Bonnell Spencer of the Order of the Holy Cross.

Abbreviated Daily Offices are also posted and linked, together with the Ordinal, Catechism, and so 'This Internet Edition of the Daily Offices includes versions of the Order for Morning and Evening Prayer which incorporate the Psalms, Scripture Lessons and Collect for the day based on the [US] 1928 Book of Common Prayer (1943 Lectionary) and the Authorized (King James) Bible into the text.1938 (Ceylon) The Ceylon Liturgy 'This [English-language] liturgy was originally developed in 1933, revised in 1935, and finally authorized for general use in 1938.It is based both on the Church of England's abortive 1928 Liturgy, and on Eastern forms' for use in what is now Sri Lanka.The Book of Common Prayer among the Nations of the World by William Muss-Arnolt (1913). This digital edition of a very important work includes extensive hyperlinking to online versions of the translations and background documents.

A New History of the Book of Common Prayer Charles Wohlers has digitized and annotated a 1910 edition of this classic historical commentary of the Book of Common Prayer by Francis Procter and Walter Howard Frere.

This publication of the Church in Wales is available online in Welsh and in English.

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