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Even this outburst won't make the mayor reveal the location of the missing paladins.He insists the player character clear out an infestation of radscorpions in the nearby warehouse.

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Rhombus, seriously wounded, gives him the key card and entrusts the task of stopping the super mutants.

With help from the human residents of the vault, the Initiate is revived and enters the ruins of the vault in a search of Attis.

When the two meet again, Attis has mutated into a blob.

The mayor reveals the missing paladins headed off in the direction of a massive crater outside of town.

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Following the trail to the bottom, the Initiate finds that the mayor isn't one of those non-player characters that just stand around all day; not only that, but he has more explosives on him than anyone really ought to be able to carry, and seems determined to unload as much of it as possible in the Initiate's not-so-general vicinity.

After fighting in the warehouse, the Initiate manages to revive an old generator and takes an elevator that overlooks the entrance to the Secret Vault.

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