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Dylan was experiencing many conflicts during this time, with a deepening alienation from his old folk-revival audiences and his clear-cut leftist causes. "The song only attains full poignancy when one realises it is sung, at least in part, to the singer himself: he's the one 'with no direction home.'"Dylan himself has noted that after his motorcycle accident in 1966 he realized that "when I used words like 'he' and 'it' and 'they,' and talking about other people, I was really talking about nobody but me." He also has made reference to the 20 pages he initially wrote as 'vomit' and that it was himself he was needling.

( One has to take him at his word-for one generally can write tomes on what we know best - ourselves.) Once upon a time you dressed so fine You threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn't you ?

The two weeks it was at #2, the #1 record for both those weeks was "Help! Edie fell for Dylan , who was already married, for reasons of propriety,or because she thought She fitted in well at The Factory. Dylan was bitter, The Taurean revenge were His acidic Lyrics. Songs like this one don't have "staying power" if they don't resonate with people and I don't think that most people think of Edie Sedgwick (whoever she is/was) or any other specific person when they think of or hear this song.

For me this song is about somebody - a young person - coming perhaps from privilege and having lived a bit of a sheltered life striking out on his or her own only to discover that in the world outside nobody knows you, cares about you, or figures they owe you any favors and that you have to "watch your back." The kind of song that MANY people can relate to (and this coming from somebody who, generally, isn't much of a Dylan fan).

Tom Wilson had produced the three albums prior to "Highway 61 revisited".

He did the session for "Like a Rolling Stone" and then was removed from the project and replaced by Bob Johnston.

Why Dylan wants to ignore his association with her will have to remain a mystery, but he did seriously try to stop the movie from being made.

While there is an obvious Dylan character in the movie, they could not use his name.

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To be continued, Per: 'Bob' Johnston, producer with Columbia Records, passed away in hospice care in Nashville at the age of 83 on Friday (August 14th, 2015)...

He claimed to have written or co-written songs credited to his wife, Joy Byers for contractual reasons, including Elvis Presley's "It Hurts Me" and "Let Yourself Go" and Timi Yuro's "What's A Matter Baby"... His backing musicians on "Like A Rolling Stone" were Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm, Harvey Brooks and Al Kooper... Go forward to Blood on The Tracks, Tangled up in Blue and especially If You See Her Say Hello, which is the MOST soulful love song. That's his gift to all of us and for the next millennium and beyond! Song is about Edie Sidgewick, Napolean in Rags is Warhol, The Mystery Tramp IS Heroin Addiction (You stared into the vacuum of his eyes, He wasn't selling any allibies). I find all these attempts to analyze Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" to be rather amusing.