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Mazatlán, however, tends to be more humid than PV, so it won’t feel much different.

Puerto Vallarta gets more rain than Mazatlán, with 55 inches of rain (1,392 mm) falling on 75 days of the year.

Mazatlán gets only 32 inches (800 mm), with rainfall seen on just 46 days.

But PV’s increased rainfall is what makes the area so green and lush, so I see this as a benefit.

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Also, the hills around Puerto Vallarta (and heading south) are thick, green, and lush, while the area surrounding Mazatlán is dry and brown during much of the winter high season.

I got my resident’s visa at a consulate in about 20 minutes without translations, background checks, or document certifications.

And you may not even need residency with Mexico’s long, six-month tourist stays.

if you’re here in the winter, you’ll throw the windows open and enjoy the sunshine. The historic center is large, active, and in pretty good shape.

It’s undergone a dramatic restoration in recent years and is still improving.The infrastructure is good in both PV and Mazatlán, not only for the practical stuff (water, electricity, cable, internet, etc.), but also with respect to their tourism infrastructure, with restaurants, nightlife, and activities.

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